The curing of Altzheimer disease (AD) by the new method of laser and laser-magnetic therapy.

Prof. Hayk S. Arakelyan
Medical Director of
International Clinical Research Center of Pain and Physical Medicine and
Dean of UNESCO Chair in Life Sciences of Pain Department of Life
Sciences International Educational Center
Object of research

1. 42 patients in an age range 65-84 having AD were sent for diagnostics and healing. As the control group 22 patients in the age range 22-52 having Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) and complicated with amyloidose.

Aim of research

-the aim of research is to find out the effect of laser therapy and combined laser-magnetic therapy on the patients having AD. Except general examination of blood and urine, before and after the treatment the activity of cholinesterase, concentration of acetylcholine in the blood was measured. Before and after the treatment patients underwent electroencephalography and brain doplerography. The dynamics has been assessed by our specially designed computer testing program, which assesses memory, logic and other psycho-intellectual characteristics.
Patients having AD were divided into 2 groups: in the first group they received only poly-laser therapy (25 patients), in the second group patients received combined laser-magnetic therapy with constant magnetic field (17 patients).
Patients with FMF besides laser and laser-magnetic treatment have received also plant medicine, and they, besides noted characteristics underwent functional examination of kidneys. To create optimal conditions for laser therapy the pH of patients has approached to acidic which especially enhances antioxidant effect of laser therapy.

Results and discussion

First group. In this group patients received pure polylaser therapy. In 23 among 25 patients of this group positive dynamics has been detected after 14-15th procedure of the first course or after 3-7 days of the first procedure. The general condition, memory were significantly improved, optimism has been augmented and other functions of brain were improved. The activity of cholinesterase in the blood was significantly decreased compared with initial levels, and simultaneously the concentration of acetylcholine and cholinergic index were enhanced. Besides that, the lipid spectrum of patients was improved, characteristics if blood and urine were regulated (with those having abnormalities), one could see positive EEG dynamics. For strengthening of this effect, after 15 procedures we gave a break for 1 month and then the course was repeated.
Second group. In this group together with poly laser therapy patients received treatment with constant magnetic field (5-50mT). Unlike the first group, the positive dynamics here has been detected after 6-7 procedures and above mentioned clinical improvements were better expressed (especially the memory of patients). Besides that, all above mentioned laboratory characteristics have shown positive shift.
Third group (control). In this group patients have FMF complicated with amyloidose (type A-A). These patents received only poly laser therapy and plant medicine, because by this disease are affected Armenians, Jews and Arabs, and Armenia in this respect is an endemic source. FMF is complicated mainly by kidney type of system amyloidose. In these patients in the I-II stage (18 patients) in the case of amyloidose by treating by our method a complete regression of amyloidose, proteinur and functional improvement of kidney was detected. For patients in IIb-III stage (4 patients) no significant improvement has been detected except some stabilization of laboratory characteristics.
(I have various works on FMF and amyloidose, which will be considered in other projects). As FMF is complicated by amyloidose and collagen diseases, the solution of its problem may be a key for the finned of the problem of the above mentioned diseases.

Research and results of treatment that we carried out and their role in the pathogenic chain of AD we will present in the following scheme:


The curing role of poly laser therapy in the case of Ad is conditioned by the following positive sanogenetic mechanisms:
1. Enhancement of the activity of most important antioxidant defense ferments (catalase, ceruloplasmine, superoxide-dismutase). The molecules of these ferments contain metal and are good photoaceptors. Cattalos and superoxide-dismutase deactivate quite successfully -hyperactive oxygen ion.
2. To enhance the antioxidant effect of laser therapy it is necessary to make the pH of the organism lower.
3. Laser therapy leads to enhancement of energetic saturation of bioplasm of neurons and nervous ganglions.etc.
4. Laser therapy leads to suppression of the ferment acelylcholinesterase, as well as enhancement of the content of acetylcholine in the organism (this is very important in pathogenesis of AD).
5. Laser therapy generates anti-inflammation effect by affecting cyclooxygenase II which is also very important in pathogenesis of AD.\
6. Laser therapy regulates the metabolism of serotonine and nor-adrenaline metabolism by affecting monoaminoxidase AB ferment.
7. Laser therapy enhancing intracellular Ca2+ generates priming, during which NO system is activated, and this leads to Endothelium derived reflexing factor (EDRF) and vasodilatation. The latter leads, of course, to improvement of micro-circulation in the whole organism as well as in the brain.
8. Laser therapy improves the transport function of O2 and facilitates dissociation of oxyhemoglobine. This is also important for the metabolism of brain.
9. Immunomodulating effect of laser therapy may have positive effect on the process of amyloidose.
10. A modulation of glutamergic system results under the effect of laser therapy.
11. Laser therapy enhances the activity of cytochromoxidases.

12. The combined application of laser therapy and magnetic therapy is more effective during AD.
13. From the evolutionary viewpoint magnetic field and light are more biotropic collectors of the organism.
14. These potentate and complement each other.
15. The influence of laser therapy enhances under the effect of weak magnetic fields.
16. The stability of bio-membranes is stongly increased under the influence of combined effect of laser therapy and magnetic therapy.
17. Magnetic field has an influence on some natural ferromagnetic of the organism (especially on adrenal gland).
18. Magnetic field has an effect on the activity of catalase (this also contains Fe).
19. Magnetic field decreases the activity of cholinesterase and increases cholinergic reactivity.
20. Magnetic field leads to improvement of functional state of nervous system augmentation of the number of astrocytes.
21. Both laser therapy and magnetic therapy cause structural changes on the water of the organism (clasterisation) as well as hydration changes of tissues. The latter is a very perspective mechanism for finding causes of different diseases including pathologic chain of malignant cancer. We have found out in our works that water can be not only as an acceptor but also as a secondary messenger by preserving and transmitting information of any electromagnetic pulse. From the viewpoint of amyloidogenesis we gave well investigated the A-A amyloidose form which is widespread here and we have certain success here. As to the B-amyloidose, which is the case in AD, it would be a perspective approach to apply the curing practice of A-A form here too. From the viewpoint of prevention of amyloidogenesis we think that perspective is the investigation of the effect of different sorts and frequencies of laser and magnetic therapy on the secretase and glutamate-receptor systems, because the detection of their specific ingibitors may prevent formation of amyloid from pre-amyloid and generally the problem of amyloidose. We have not investigated also the combined influence of medicines preventing A-A amyloidose (plant medicines) and laser therapy on B-amyloidose of AD.