Main targets of our company are the reserch, development and marketing of low power laser threpy and the development of medical information system.
The light therapy has an old history and has been used for the practical treatment of various kinds of illness without scientific basis. However at present, the mechanism of low pawer laser to accerate the healing of wounds, to remove pains and to enhance the self-healing power is widely confirmed
Laser therapy can be said to be an ideal treatment for the 21st century.
In order to attain these targets, we organize Japan Low Power Laser Therapy Promotion Association and Medical 21.
Company Profile Address:3-25-4 Ogikubo Suginami-ku Tokyo Japan 167-0051
Established:April 1997
Business:R&D and marketing of low power laser instruments and related products and systems.
Consultation of "International Marketing".
Profile of President Name: Masayuki Inoue
Birth place: Tokyo
March1960 Graduated from Tokyo University, law school
1971|1972 Graduate study at Ohio State University in U.S.A. majored in "International Marketing"
April 1960 Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd, Marketing of Household Appliances
April 1975 Export manager of electrical products for South East Asian countries
Sept. 1977 Siemens K.K., Marketing manager of the transportation system in hospitals

April 1989 Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd., Marketing manager of medical lasers
April 1997 Started Green Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
September 2003 Awarded Gold Medal and Hororis Professor from Economic-Judical University of Armenia for recent activities in the field of International Marketing
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