Therapy for 21st Century
PHOTO:"Application for rehabilitation"

Low Power Laser Therapy is an entirely new treatment to heal the acute and chronic pain and the inflammation by the irradiation of very weak (1~10mW) but special wavelength (630~830nm) laser to the surface of body. The main mechanism of the therapy is considered to be the bio-stimulation with the light energy enhancing the level of homeostasis.

Recently, in overseas countries, the laser treatment of incurable diseases such as Atopic Dermatitis, Alzheimer, Collagen diseases, Aids are being studied by the method of intravenous laser irradiation, combination with Magnitic therapy and Plant mededine.

In Japan, the production of LPL therapy instrument was approved by the Japanese government in 1987 and the application of health insurance started in 1996, practical usage of such instruments are still limited in special hospitals or clinics.
We expect the blight future of LPL therapy in 21st century considering its high efficacy and safety for the treatment of very wide range of illnesses.

Effective Illness
PHOTO:"Treatment of shoulder pain"

The efficacy of LPL therapy is widely confirmed by the irradiation of laser at the most painful point together with oriental methods to use acupuncture points. Typical applications of LPL therapy, which were reported at medical conferences in Japan are as follows.
Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, shoulder pain, low back pain, whiplash injury, Sprain, baseball finger, contusion, tennis elbow, joint pain, tendosynovitis, bedsore, temporomandibular arthrosis
Stress gastritis, stress colitis, psychosomatic disease(autonomic imbalance), climacteric disturbance(indefinite complaint)
Atopic dermatitis, pollen allergy, asthma
Certain kinds of muscles convulsions and stiffness, hemiplegia from cerebrovascular disease, unusual function of muscles and nerves(pain, swell, stiffness, numb, convulsion, paralysis)
Possible efficacy to senile dementia was reported at Japan Society for Laser medicine.

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